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For the Spring/Summer 2012 season, the brand Age of Aquarius has designed an eight piece collection of loose fitting graphic t-shirts. The brand have looked at Blacklight posters of the New Age psychedelic period which has resulted with surreal and hallucinogenic prints in a palette of faded neons, multi-coloured marbling and stark monochromes. I’m absolutely in love with this t-shirt and it’s not hard to see why the trippy looking prints drew me in to purchase this piece or it may have actually been the fact that the brand name was my actual star sign! Any purchases of the collection can be made on the Topman online store. 

Aquarius, Tuesday 17th April 2012:

"What do you really understand about the situation you find yourself in? You can look now at all the technical details that seem somehow beyond you - and you can decide to worry. You can feel confused because you lack information - or because you do not have enough experience to follow a particular line of argument. Alternatively, you can focus instead on what you do know - and you can realise that this is more than enough! Don't worry about the questions you can't yet answer. In time all will come clear. Now that Mars is finally changing direction, it's time to start getting what you really want out of life. But what do you really want? And what can you get if you try?"

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