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Goodbye Jil, Hello Christian!


On Monday we finally had the long awaited and way overdue announcement of Raf Simons to take over as creative director for Christian Dior. Personally I think this is a great decision. The company will get a new breath of fresh air completely and maybe some revamping with new ideas. The RTW will be SUCH an improvement because being honest; the mainline wasn’t that great when Galliano was in charge. It was always so so but the Couture line was a different story. Galliano excelled himself every season. The drama and beauty in the collections were always present and I couldn’t help but fall in love with his talents as the seasons passed. However it’ll be interesting to see how Simons, the minimalistic designer handles Dior Couture, known for its flamboyant yet timeless pieces. So when it comes to Simons taking the position as new creative director, although there is excitement as we finally hear about the position being filled, shadows of doubt seem to be present. The transition from Jil Sander to Christian Dior is huge as both companies are complete opposite in design and in scale of business. In addition, people seem to be questioning the skills that Simons has and would he be able to cope with the demands of couture? And how would his style of minimalism be translated into Dior’s style? Does this mean the old Dior that we knew and loved be changed into something new and different? We’ve already witnessed the change in Alexander McQueen, as Sarah Burton as creative director and reviews are mixed where some have stated how the new collections are not the same at all to McQueen’s original work. Would this be the same in Dior? Nevertheless, what we need to remember is, Raf Simons was known as a menswear design originally and not trained in womenswear but look what he did at Jil Sander? He was fantastic! It is rare for a designer to do that transition from menswear to womenswear as usually it is the other way around. I am for one not a huge fan of minimalism but what Simons did, made me really really love it. But just because he is known as a minimalistic designer and obviously, Dior couture is not known for that, does not mean that Simons has new tricks up his sleeve. Fashion is fast-paced and always searching for the next big thing. We have two seasons each year but look at the amount of collections that are produced in that time? Designer’s ideas need to be constantly new to keep on top and I am sure Simons will not disappoint. I for one would say I’m looking forward to July to see what he presents to us at the Fall 2012 Haute Couture show and only hope for a great success to prove to the industry, Dior made the right choice.


Raf Simons hit back at critics in an interview in today's WWD stating that "it's wrong to call me a minimalist only, I am also a romantic person". He went on to say that he wouldn't move to Dior, "if I only had minimalism in mind. I'm very aware of what the environment is about." I'm extremely happy to see Mr Simons hit back at the critics to show he isn't a one trick pony and will indeed surprise us all! As my Dad would say "good on you son!"
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