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one small step


One never knows how to start a blog or in this case; a post. What should I say? What will I write about?  What happens next? Will people read this and will they actually care about what I have to say? For a boy who is No. 1 in the self-doubt department, I have somehow managed to own countless accounts with blogger since sometime in 2009 but still, no blog?! I’ll come up with the title, set up the layout and do all the tweaks to make my blog look like how I’d picture it. I’d get excited about it and I tell myself I’m going to do it and then when I finally sit down to write my first post, I ask myself the same old questions, FREAK OUT then delete the blog and the account. Believe me when I say this, I have went through thousands of blogs on this site with different blog titles, all deleted and gone. RIP!  But this is going to be different (well so I say) and I will stick to it. So I’d like to introduce myself:

I am Votre Garçon or as others know me as Daniel William, my given name. I would like to tell you what to expect from this blog but not even I know what that is yet. But for now, I’ll take small steps and feel proud that I actually managed to get words down and finally, to all my lost blogs over the years without any content, that now I have a post to show the world.

Now I’m wondering how do I finish a post?

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