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Erdem Resort 2013


I’m kicking myself for only JUST coming across Erdem’s Resort 2013. “How on earth did I not see this?” I keep asking myself. Maybe it was due to lack of attention the early Resort collections showcased in London got before New York barged its way in. Perhaps it’s a great idea for the fashion industry that the British Fashion Council has set up ‘London Collections’ to promote awareness of the increasing menswear designers based in London and the growing number of womenswear designers who have branched out into Resort collections to gain more press attention and to increase the work with buyers to help business growth. Nevertheless, Erdem’s Resort 2013 is not one to be missed and demonstrates once again that Erdem Moralıoğlu can always deliver. The collection features sharp cuts and fitted silhouettes creating a collection that features over a hundred pieces. There’s embroidery, raw-finished tweeds and lace all in the shades of strong moody blues balanced with clean whites and a flash of acid pink and magentas. Erdem mainly uses floral prints to his collection with the addition of the recurring paisley prints featured in the Resort collections. What is also notable about this collection, is within these floral shades are subtle patchwork designs made up of hexagon shapes which are proving to be the most striking part of this collection. “I don’t really know what you’d call it—Old Lady meets Amish? But what I want to show is how someone can wear it in a serious, grown-up way—and how someone else can do it in a bonkers young way, too.” Erdem comments. What is interesting about this collection is there is something for everyone. What some designers forget about is not everyone will be jetting off to the hot countries with bags packed with the latest Resort collections. Many will stay in the rainy, cold cities, working away but still wanting to break away from the Fall 2012 collections. The Resort collection features lighter garments, perfect for whisking away abroad but also has thicker and heavier items for those who are left behind. Maybe Erdem has learned this from living in Britain with its unpredictable weather changes. You can see all the looks from the collection here.

Photo's Courtesy of Erdem.

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