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Manchester School of Art Exhibition


For the past 10 months, I have been studying at Manchester School Art completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and on the 15th of June, I attended the final exhibition for our Final Major Projects. It is the first exhibition I have ever had my work in and I couldn’t have been happier. My parents drove down from Scotland to see what I have been getting up to and to show them all the work that I have been doing over the year which was a nervous experience but still full of excitement. My final project revolved around the idea of derelict buildings in cities where I took inspiration from the buildings falling apart. For my final pieces, I took six men’s oversized tailored jackets and deconstructed them and reconstructed them into garments for the female figure. Staying true to my original inspiration, I left these garments unfinished with raw hems, missing fabrics and sections and even kept the garments together with only pins where no sewing was involved to translate these buildings falling apart. Out of the six garments, I only showcased three of them but photographed each one on location where I took most of my inspiration from. You can see the final photographs here. It was a moment where I could only stand in disbelief where no words could describe how I felt as above my garments was a sticky label that not only just stated my name but also the university I was attending next year and the course title. It’s surreal to think that a year ago I had left high school and was off to spend my summer holidays in Florida, later to move to Manchester and here I am now, ready to move of to London to start a new chapter. But for now, I will enjoy the rest of my time left in Manchester and wait impatiently and nervously for results day. FINGERS CROSSED!

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