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Richard Nicoll Resort 2013


Richard Nicoll is one who has never caught my eye before but with his latest collection for the Resort 2013 period, it most certainly did. At first glance while flicking through the looks, I thought to myself; “well the whole collection isn’t entirely great but there’s definitely something about it that is worth blogging about”. But as I took another few looks and saved each picture that I loved the most, I found myself with the majority of the collection saved in a folder. I couldn’t help but love the whole collection. Looking back on previous collections Richard Nicoll has presented, although I must say that I did like them however I think he has a had a major breakthrough with the Resort 2013 season. There was just a certain quality to this collection that is hard to describe and pin-point what it exactly was that made these garments stand out so beautifully. Now it may be due to the heavy influence of Raf Simons and my new-found love of Stella McCartney that I am becoming much more attracted to sharp cuts, masculine tailoring, boxy-style shapes and clean colours with subtle print than I have ever been before yet there was something so effortlessly cool about this collection. Nicoll uses a palette of clean whites and clear blues but adds pops of colours with greens and a dash of watermelon. The collection was perfect for any woman, with sporty shirt-dresses and light tailored suits for boyish types, those who dare to show cleavage and leg and then those who like to take a much more masculine minimalistic approach to fashion. Dresses were cut short with added plunging necklines or slits at the waists and even if the dresses were longer, a long cut up the legs would feature which evokes the perfect breezy clothes collection. The collection was pure and demonstrates everything that Resort stands for. Nicoll’s Resort collection demonstrates the ability to achieve the ideal freshness, crispness and ease in hot weather while looking flawless without the effort. What I love about Nicoll is how he steps back from the madness of the runway and presents his collection in a more personal way so we concentrate much more on the clothes and what we get is no-fuss leisure yet still with a very striking, high-end style. With the days counting down to Fashion Week, Nicoll has stated he will return to the runway but in a smaller scale and after this collection, I am for one who cannot wait. See all the looks here.

Photo's Courtesy of Richard Nicoll.
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