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Stella McCartney Resort 2013


Mention Stella McCartney to me and I’d probably pull a very distressed face. I can’t say I’ve never really understood the fuss about her as a designer but came to a “agree to disagree” conclusion that her designs are loved by many yet it never quite did it for me. It’s one of those annoying feelings when you want to like something but you just can’t bring yourself to it. But last season for Fall 2012, I noticed myself oddly liking what McCartney presented. Now it wasn’t an “I’ve seen the light” moment as I still had my doubts with the collection and just passed this whole new feeling off as a one of thing. “No, no” said Stella McCartney “I almost have you!” and then bang, she presents Resort 2013 and I’m hooked. Hi my name is Daniel and I’m a Stella McCartney-holic. It’s the feeling of the buzz inside you when you’re screaming at your laptop screen because each look in the collection is flawless and you want it all for yourself so you can wrap yourself amongst it all while you sleep. Or is that just me when I see a collection that I really like? Awkward. For her Resort 2013 collection, McCartney presented a carnival themed garden party to showcase her latest designs. There was everything from ring tosses, lemonade stands, tests of strength, barbecue grills (black bean burgers, of course) and a New Orleans brass band while the models enjoyed the company of A-list celebrities and the events, they showed off McCartney’s designs. What I love about this creative way to showcase a designers clothing as when on the runway, it is almost like an image. A sense of fantasy and not realistic but events like these were models wearing the garments, interacting with the guests, it demonstrates how these items of clothing can fit into everyday life for ready-to-wear. With the grey skies in New York, McCartney showed how we Brits do it by throwing a great party, no matter what the weather! But not even the gloomy weather could damper the spirits of the guests as McCartney’s clothes were enough to make you smile. "I love spring, spring's one of my favourite seasons," McCartney said. "It's all about enjoying the new beginning, in a sense. This season I wanted to let it go a little bit. This collection was about having standout pieces." And standout it was. The collections main features were vibrant colours as well as bolder textures. McCartney moved away from the serious tones of deeps blues used for her Fall collection and instead swapped it with vibrant marmalade oranges, chrome yellows, forest greens, sky blues and hot pinks with the addition of clean whites to balance out the collection. McCartney looked at the 70s for inspiration were she took a vintage spun to fringe and lace and oversized masculine suits creating a modern day chic to flared pants, fringed dresses and oversized blazers and sweaters. The prints ranged from out-there leopard print, vintage florals to plaid patterns. The collection was the perfect fusion between minimal and stand-out creating a perfect wardrobe for the women who seeks laid-back leisure meets smart tailoring yet impeccable style. Hats off to you, McCartney, I am now a devoted fan. See the full collection here.

Photo's Courtesy of Stella McCartney.

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