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Thom Browne Resort 2013


FINALLY! You don’t understand how long I have been waiting to see this collection. I’ve probably blown up a couple of the computers at the Google headquarters with the amount of times I’ve entered “Thom Browne Resort 2013” into the Google search bar. And with the WWD constantly teasing me with their up-to-date reviews and not being able to access the content ($129 a year for a subscription? Yes let me just fork out some spare cash from my never-ending wallet. Yea right!) I have been left to act these past couple of days, completely on the edge with impatience to see this collection and what if it was full of disappointment, I ask myself. I’d most definitely would breakdown and cry. But of course, Thom Browne – my recent love or maybe the word to describe it, is obsession – never fails and constantly delivers each season. For his debut Resort 2013 collection which some articles are describing as “daft” and “quite wearable” whereas I like to call it another masterpiece. You may think I’m exaggerating on this but when I watch the models walk down the runway or play a role in Browne’s scenes (Remember Spring/Summer 2012?) for both womenswear and menswear, it gives me so much excitement and entertainment that a lot of fashion shows lack. At the end of the day, fashion is just another business like any other but it is also a form of art and self-expression. So why do we limit ourselves when really we could be thinking outside the box. With the passing of the late Alexander McQueen and the removal of John Galliano, the loss of the sense of drama, the fantasy and the story has died in fashion, I personally think. It’s not enough to show fancy set designs and outstanding soundtracks to steal people’s interest. A quote from Alexander McQueen once said: “I don‘t think it makes sense to play safe in these times. Times like these, I think the world needs fantasy, not reality. There’s enough reality today... But I think story telling is what we loved as kids and this is what this is about.” And to me, that is what fashion is about. So when I see these reviews that these fashion journalists write, I just imagine them raising their eyebrows and quickly judging when they see another Thom Browne creation and all I can think of, is this the direction for fashion? Are we really becoming this narrow-minded?

Nevertheless, Thom Browne’s Resort 2013 collection was full of his Preppy school-girl looks, comprising with the signature tailored pieces such as (what Browne likes to call them) his “school uniform” jackets which in fact are made from a Japanese fabric that is most commonly used to make school uniforms for Japanese children. Each season, Browne revolves around a usual theme that he brings into print which is usually a sport or past-time hobby, this season he used the idea of whales and with a closer look to the garments, you will notice that some of these whales are made up of bones and carcasses. This almost disturbing imagery is contrasted with floral jacquards, crayon-coloured madras, embroidered lace and squared block coloured shapes all fashioned into modest skirts. Lapels were exaggerated on jackets and even skirts to create the recurring theme of shapes that we have witnessed in the Resort 2013 period. There was printed silk peignoirs to be layered over garments and the mix-match of clashing coloured dresses were layered upon, creating the usual wild but charming appeal to Browne’s garments but strip down each of these looks and we have well-designed individual pieces that any women would love to get her hands on. The collection was overall a very tame one from Thom Browne but he assured us that come September time we will see much more of the usual theatrics and the showmanship skills Browne processes. He states that the purpose of the debut of this Resort collection was to introduce themes he wishes to further explorer next season. Although, there was a touch of wildness to this collection and the Saturn ring madras hat give us that taster of what we are still yet to witness. September cannot come sooner. See all the looks here.

Photo's Courtesy of Thom Browne.

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