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Christian Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2012


As the Resort 2013 collections slow down and the Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 comes to an end, the fashion world steps back a season to Fall/Winter 2012-13 to witness many of the biggest names in fashion showcase some of the most beautiful garments ever made, known as Couture. And the Fall/Winter 2012-13 will be a season to remember and no, not because of a certain someone’s collection which opened the Fashion Week. No names shall be mentioned but let’s agree, it will not be discussed. But this season was certainly not like no other as Raf Simons, the new man behind Dior, took on his very first Couture collection. For someone to take on a company like Dior is certainly a huge challenge with the popularity and high reputation the company has, John Galliano’s dismissal leaving heavy boots to fill and then a series of shameful collections that put Dior’s name into the dirt. Well, that may just be an exaggeration but even so, Dior was dead in my eyes. However at 2:30pm on Monday the 2nd of July, there was hope. Raf Simons resurrected Dior.

If you have been a dedicated follower to my blog from the start or so have happen to read all my posts (which I would like to say thank you to both!) you would have possibly came across one of my first posts that I spoke about the announcement of Raf Simons taking on the role of Creative Director at Dior, which I was very much in favour of. You can read the post here. And after the Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection, I can happily say, I am still very much in favour of the decision. It has been one of the most talked about collections in fashion history with anticipation being growing high since April when the announcement of the takeover was announced and on Monday, the fashion industry gave it a seal of approval. Simons debut collection was beautiful, romantic and modest in its approach to femininity. Sharp cut tuxedos with cigarette pants opened the show that flowed its way to long organza and tulle dresses with embroidered flowers on the back showed in one colour that gave a nice contrast to the futuristic tones of the garments. The silhouettes were much in style of when Christian Dior was originally acted as Creative Director with the addition of the Bar jacket, florals and range of grey tweeds. It was almost like seeing old Hollywood glamour once again but Simons kept to the 21st century and there was a modernity that surrounded his collection. It may be the touch of his architectural background that was added to the collection in the construction of the garments; clinched waists with severely-defined pockets and structured but voluminous dresses. It was femininity but with ease, a very laid-back attitude with a certain calmness that flowed through the collection. The colour palette stayed soft and pretty in shades of pale pinks and blue but Simons contrasted this with flashes of neon make-up and bright pinks and reds. It was reminiscent to his final collection for Jil Sander with the similar soft shades of colours and the cuts to the silhouettes but for Dior; it was a new vision. Although Simons brought his minimalistic side to this Couture collection, there was that quality of the romantic drama that was bubbling away in the Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012 collection and here, we witnessed it exploding in the Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Look at those previously glass boxed encaged flowers that were present at Jil Sander but at Dior we saw every inch of the walls, up to the ceiling covered in blooming flowers. Simons demonstrated that he could take the iconic legacy of Dior and stamp his own brilliant aesthetic onto the brand and like these flowers, I can imagine Simons will also bloom and grow.

“It was what you hoped for and more - it was such a beautiful homage to Dior, a mix of the modern, clean and unexpected with a real lightness of touch,” Vogue fashion director, Lucinda Chambers stated. “It was more elegant than elegant and he trod a brilliant line of being him and being respectful of Dior, I loved it.” And Lucinda Chambers put it quite right. What I think a lot of people are forgetting is this man has never trained in the art of Couture and although this collection may have not been everyone’s cup of tea, you have to respect Simons for what he did. He gave it is all and stayed true to him and to Dior. I will not lie, I do miss Galliano and what he did was as words can only describe; out of this world. The theatrical and romantic stories that were filled with strong but beautiful Dior characters that ran through his collections were something that I always loved. However, those days are long gone. Then came along collections trying to keep in line of what Galliano did but resulted in very messy and zero-passionate clothing that just didn’t feel right. What Simons did with this Couture collection, he stripped everything back right to the start, to the very basics of Dior and what it built itself on; beautiful old Hollywood silhouettes that are timeless, classic and always elegant. With all of the scandal and drama going on with Dior lately, this collection gave a sense of calmness and restored Dior back to its old self. It allowed Dior to finally move on from one beautiful and magical chapter to a new one. And now, I can only imagine with new knowledge and new skills that Raf Simons shall learn and grow and will take Dior into a new direction. Building it up as he goes along and maybe returning to the old Dior we loved that was full of drama but still keeping to his own true style. Now the excitement for Simons debut collection has faded, I can now say I am truely excited to see more! Bravo Mr Simons and Congratulations Dior! See all the looks here.

Photo's Courtesy of Christian Dior.

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