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Dry Season


I think one of the best feelings ever is when you come across something that completely mesmerizes you and captures your interest. It’s the little buzz you get out of the excitement of finding something new and different. And I guarantee that the feeling is always best felt when you make a mistake and see a new outcome or you so happen to come across it by chance. This time, I so happened to found Elsa Sylvan, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Heidi Mount all by chance. I found them lost in a clean but isolated desert, decked in high fashion, cyber-chic clothing. Lost? Possibly searching or ready to conquer. With warrior headbands and tribal style masks, these three pure but cold faces seemed to merge together to create one figure. It felt almost extraterrestrial when looking at these girls. In which case, I'd be more than happy to be abducted by this outer space clique at the price of looking good as these three. But unfortunately, this is just the mood and setting for this editorial for the June 2008 issue of W Magazine. The cool tones of this shoot, the isolation and the calmness highlighted have all been vividly present in my head this past week and I somehow can't manage to not think about this one editorial. Maybe Kershaw, Sylvan and Mount have stung me with a ray-gun to forever worship them. Who knows?

Photo's Courtesy of W magazine.

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