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Little Blue House


New Era Baseball  Cap, Age of Aquarius Tank-Top, Cut up Jeans and Vans.

In the heart of Marbella, I found love in the Old Town. With narrow alleyways, brightly painted white houses with dashes of radiant colours, overgrown wild flowers with little balconies; I came across the Little Blue house. A perfect two-floor story house with a roof terrace to add, painted in white with outlines of baby blue, covered in green foliage with baby blue flowers to match. It was too perfect for words to describe. There’s a certain appeal that comes hand in hand with the Spanish culture; an appeal that you don’t necessarily need to be surrounded by but even by just flipping through a book of photographs. It’s the traditions of Spain that I love most and the sense of values and customs that come with it. When the clock hit two in the afternoon, the shops switched of their lights and locked their doors and the workers scattered back to their homes to begin their midday meal, la Comida. Walking through the Old Town of Marbella, you could hear the clatter of plates and cutlery, water running from the taps, the chatting and laughter of people coming from each little house. The idea of the la Comida bringing family and friends every day together, to share a big meal and a new memory is an aspect that I’ve always admired. To finally see this in action, you can’t help but wish to be a part of such a tradition. When I came across the Little Blue house with the orange, ‘For Sale’ sign; I couldn’t stop picturing life living there. A perfect destination to hideaway and reside to from a busy lifestyle in the city. If only I had the funds and then it could be; my Little Blue house.

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