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Balenciaga Resort 2013 Video


The effect from the Resort 2013 period still lingers around me. Not necessarily a bad thing but it has left me in a new state of mind with brand new eyesight. Unfortunately not the brand new eyesight that you don’t need to wear glasses no more but more in the direction of; personal taste, mood and vision in art and fashion. Never did I think a series of collections that aren’t even apart of fashion week but in fact a small period used as the transition between the two major seasons, would heavily influence and also change my outlook in fashion. None of this really came to my attention until today and I began to look back at the three previous posts and saw the same recurring theme; minimalism. Maybe not exactly the minimalism clothing styles that are produced in collections we see but a recurring idea of isolation, clean and crisp with a sense of innocence and pureness. However contrast that with cold sculptured imagery that can almost be quite eerie yet strangely romantic. It’s a whole new mood that lies within me and coming home from work to this treat from Balenciaga, it felt like it hit the final part to this story. Steven Meisel takes charge for this dreamy campaign video for their Resort 2013 collection. Models such as; Kremi Otashliyska, Caroline Brach Nielsen, Julia Nobis, Lyia Kebede, Suvi Koponen, Marte Mei Van Haaster, Meghan Collison and Liu Wen walk through the dusty and rubble filled setting, dressed in Ghesquière's poetic and graceful ballet inspired clothing. It’s beautiful to watch and I can’t help myself but replay it over and over again as I finally find the missing part to feed this current mood. The fifty one second video embodies everything that I personally believe, what makes up minimalism to be what it is and if that’s not enough then you surely can’t complain about the collection! You can check out Balenciaga’s full Resort 2013 collection here.

Photo & Video Courtesy of Balenciaga
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