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Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2013


Leave it to Mary to waltz into fashion week and knock every other designer out the park and demonstrate how it’s really done. For the Spring/Summer 2013 season, I was almost losing faith in the fashion game with very little collections really catching my eye but all bets were on Mary Katrantzou to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart and really deliver. And didn’t she just! It’s one of those collections that when you keep flicking through the photographs of the individual garments, you’re left with just mumble jumble coming out of your mouth. You can’t even form a sentence and you’re just left baffled. With prints being the centre of the attention for quite some time now, people were left thinking; what else could be done? Add Katrantzou’s show-stopping collection for the Fall/Winter 12-13 season, how does she take this on board and top it? Well for this season, Katrantzou demonstrates she has a bag full of tricks and is definitely two steps ahead of all this nonsense talk. Katrantzou moved away from her usual restrictive and boxier trompe l'oeil style and shifted towards a much more simpler and looser but equally as beautiful silhouettes. There were A-line dresses with roomy, deep pockets, dresses with halter-necks and slim cut trousers with wide kimono sleeved shirts creating sophisticated and clean white backdrops for Mary Katrantzou’s luxurious prints. Foreign stamps and outdated banknotes were the theme of Katrantzou’s Spring/Summer collection with little details of Greek key patterns and Asian geometric knots added. Using these stamps gave Katrantzou the ability to work with exotic birds, butterflies, plants and landscapes as imagery with eye-popping colours; blue being the main focus. Moving onto the banknote designs with metallic brocades gave a shimmering Goddess feel to the collection. "It was a fantastic move forward. The shapes felt so modern and uplifting," said Vogue's Fashion Editor Fran Burns. It can only be described as refreshing, Katrantzou presented modern, clean silhouettes but still keeping to her outstanding print designs. A perfect collection for the Spring/Summer period and that, ladies and gentlemen is how it’s done. See the full collection here.

Photo's Courtesy of Mary Katrantzou.
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