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Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2013


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on clouds? I'm sure Rick Owens has, as he sent his angelic creature-like models down the runway with a backdrop of falling lumps of foam that formed into a cloud-like mass. "A little bit hallucinogenic,” Owens called it. And it wasn’t short from it, Rick Owens presentation for Spring/Summer 2013 was beautiful, dreamy and left you feel tingly inside. After a little bit of disappointment in Milan Fashion Week, Owens (as well as Balenciaga) in the matter of the first few seconds of the runway show lifted my mood for the outlook of Paris Fashion Week. And maybe that was Owens intentions, to lift us all above the clouds from the previous dark and aggressive Fall/Winter 2012-13 presentation. Remember the bars of fire blazing in the background as the models walked down dressed in cult-like style garments? But for this season, Owens took a different approach. “I wanted there to be a warmth and a softness and, if possible, a kindness,” said Rick Owens. And Owens intentions shined through his Spring/Summer 2013 collection. There was a certain appeal that burst through his garments that instantly made me drawn to them and it was an aspect that I just couldn’t put my finger on and pinpoint, what it actually was. It was all very dreamlike, as models appeared in voluminous silhouettes with knee-length strapless tops with floor length skirts underneath. Clothes appeared semi-transparent in light shades of muted greys and apricot. Capes followed in a similar style as the collection begin to move further away from easy, light pieces to a much more structured form. Sharp sleeveless jackets over formfitting skirts and graphical shapes in grey and black appeared on floor length jackets emerged onto the runway and it was nothing less but heavenly. It was poetic and feminine yet still had that tough edge that Owens likes to present. It was as if the Gods came down to earth, all dressed by Rick Owens in forms of princesses, demons and angels, warriors and queens. A perfect collection for any women who would like to channel their inner Goddess but the question is, who would you like to be? See the rest of the looks here.

Photo's Courtesy of Rick Owens and Fashionising.com
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