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Simone Rocha Spring/Summer 2013


The name Simone Rocha has been ringing in my head since her second solo collection was presented. It’s been near of a month since the show but I can’t help but face a battle whether or not to finally get my act together and write how much I loved her Spring/Summer 2013 collection. For an aspiring designer like myself, it usually really grates me when I see designers such as Simone Rocha have the ability and easy access to walk into fashion. If you don’t know already, Simone is the daughter of the well-known London based designer, John Rocha. I’ve met many other people like myself and we express the same feelings that the justice in this is unbalanced and unfair when unknown faces must fight and work extra hard to get where we want to be and also to be noticed. But then I think of Simone, what must she think? Being the daughter of a designer and having fashion blood run through her, they are faced with a challenge to prove themselves to the fashion industry they aren’t just playing on daddy’s status and really do know how to make good clothes. Well Simone Rocha, definitely (once again) proved this. When watching the panel discussions on SHOWstudio talk about the recent collection by Simone and give a bit of a background story on her, I found it almost inspiring and definitely had one of those “you go girl!” moments. What made me immediately drawn to Simone’s recent collection was femininity and fragility hidden amongst the slouchiness in mannish tailoring giving that chilled out ease, perfect for a British summer. But what was more exciting was to see the word; youth scream out from these garments and you can’t help but just fall in love with that. The crisp silhouettes amongst head-to-toe crochet with cotton broderie anglaise mixed with lace, sheer and plastic as well, gave delicate sweet looks but with a technical edge. Then the neon shades thrown in amongst whites, the odd black, caramel and yellow, all were reminiscent of youth. And that’s the beauty of this collection; Simone Rocha demonstrates the ability to work and control mixing fabrics and techniques to showcase a knock-out collection. Simone came skipping out at the end with a messy pony tail and hands behind her back, gave a cheeky grin and ran off and there it was once again; youth. You can see the rest of the looks here.

Photo's Courtesy of Simone Rocha and Fashionsing.com
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