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So Far in London Town


It’s still hard to believe that when I look outside or walk down the street, I can see little pieces that all shout “London”. I’ve been living in the capital for over a month now and still can’t help but feel overwhelmed. It’s a strange feeling to finally be somewhere, where you’ve always dreamt of living. I remember when I was twelve years old and visiting London on a school trip, I had decided that one day I’d return but not for a short weekend trip but to call the city my home. Six years on, I’m here, living the life that only I dreamt of in my teenage years and I’m not letting anyone take that away from me. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’d like to say hello and thank you to new followers and the insane number of people reading my blog lately!

Left to Right: Buckingham Palace, Victoria Memorial, Caitlin and Me with an Olympic Mascot statue, Prada at Westfield, Caitlin with Queen's Guard statue, Gherkin building, Paleys Upon Pilers sculpture at Aldgate, Aldgate East Station, the Breakfast Club at Spitalfields, the Triangle, Edie and Me in a Photobooth, London Transport Museum, Home Decor at London Transport Museum, Tube Images at London Transport Museum, Fiona Tan at Photographers Gallery, Helen Goodin at Photographers Gallery, Photographers Gallery, Notting Hill, Mary Katrantzou at Matches, Natural History Museum, Green Thai Curry, Up-Close Shot, Love Padlocks at Shoreditch High Street Overground, Victoria & Albert Museum.

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