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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013


It feels good to finally wrap up the reviews of the Spring/Summer 2013 season. I must admit, I haven’t been the most organised and despite being a month overdue, I can conclude with the final instalment to this season. And of course, it is none other than Alexander McQueen. If you follow me via Twitter, you may be thinking; aren't you that guy who always seems to be moaning about Sarah Burton ruining the McQueen label? Guilty as charged. However if you did notice that the McQueen label sneakily appeared in my Resort 2013 reviews with an overly-enthusiastic, positive reaction to the collection. (See the review here.) With Spring/Summer 2013, my reaction remains the exact same and perhaps even more, if that is possible! It’s October the 2nd and rather than socializing with people I've just met, I'm sitting in my student dorm room, waiting impatiently for the photographs to load on NowFashion.com of the latest McQueen S/S13 collection. As I sat and waited, my fears and worries started to crawl their way in. What if it was a complete let down? Coming from such a high of the Resort 2013 to be utterly shattered by one collection; how would I even be able to process that? Then the first set of looks appeared and I instantly fell in love. With the first model that stepped onto the runway, those thoughts quickly vanished from my mind and I knew it was only going to get better. Burton took inspiration from buzzing bees, working away in their busy hives very much like the McQueen studios itself. The gold on black honeycomb shapes translated into terms of jacquards, nets and laces which some were embroidered with bees which created a varied amount of looks of wasp-waist jackets with double-peplums constructed for the famous McQueen exaggeration of the hips. "It was bringing back the silhouette of the house and embracing the female form - the hip and bust. But there was a lightness to it. It still felt erotic but not overt," Sarah Burton commented while jokingly saying that "most women are worker bees." Structured and tight fitting pieces of clothing began to undress and revealed corsets, traditional underpinnings and cages demonstrated as equally beautiful evening wear dresses. But then these dresses bloomed and the working bees of the McQueen studios had done their job; ball gowns with bouquets of flowers bursting through the corsets and lined around the floor length caged skirts shown in yellow, red and white. It was nothing short from complete show-stopping.

Vogue Fashion Director, Lucinda Chambers commented "It was utterly amazing, unbelievable, genius - from the film backdrop of the bees to the clothes; breath-taking,” Breath-taking is the exact word to describe Sarah Burton’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection for McQueen. I was completely lost for words. After spending much time in bitterness, I can now say; I am happy. A little bit of Alexander McQueen has returned and if I had to put my money on it, I can only foresee Sarah Burton getting stronger and stronger. See the rest of the looks from the collection here or you can watch the full runway show below! 

Photo's Courtesy of Alexander McQueen and Vogue.
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