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A Carrie Bradshaw 19th


Just over a week ago, it was my 19th birthday. Although nineteen and twenty are the in-between ages of the two big special birthdays in our lives; my 19th, to my complete surprise turned out much more special than I thought it'd be. I spent my weekend back in Manchester, (where I lived during the time I completed my Foundation in Art and Design) with my parents and best friend, living in the luxury of the Hilton. From relaxing in a jacuzzi and saunas, an A la Carte birthday dinner, shopping for new vintage pieces from stores that I used to love, a trip to a skyline bar, Cloud 23 for cocktails proceeded by afternoon tea, the next day. On my return to London, I was spoilt rotten by my close friends and treated like a king! Being on the other end of the country is hard enough but when on you're birthday with none of your family members surrounding you, is an aspect I'm still to adjust too. Yet I couldn't have been more grateful to be made to feel at home, down here in London. As always I can't thank my parents and friends enough for what they did!

 Also to mention, myself and two of my friends; Katie from What Now? and Edie from Thoughts, Fashion & Interests have planned to do a blog post a day for the next two weeks, to keep us dedicated as well making the most out of Fashion Week. So make sure to check out them both!

You can see all my Instagram updates from the weekend at @williamhynd

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