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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013


Amongst the unclothed trees and falling snow, you would have had to watch your step as a barely visible mirrored tent stood in the Tuileries Gardens. Faintly written in the signature style was the word ‘Dior’ printed onto the glass. Think of ‘Through the Looking-Glass’, the sequel to ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ where you leave the Parisian winter cold, leave your scarf and gloves behind and be transported into… Well as the book was titled; a wonderland. Inside the Dior tent, Raf Simons brought the warmth and beauty of Spring and Summer early to the fashion industry where blossomed trees stood high and undulating hedges swirled round the runway creating paths for the models to float down. If the spirit of Spring acts as metaphor for rebirth, then Raf Simons Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 embodies the very idea. From the early light sky shades awakening from the last days of the winter months evolving into the fully blossomed and colourful shades of flowers to the celebration of the happy Spring brides. Simons latest collection was everything you could hope for. Raf Simons made it clear he wants to “go slow” in his makeover of Dior, “so I didn’t want to do a heavy concept, hence the idea of the garden, flowers, spring and the evolution of that.” This is the beautiful thing about Simons collection as is it feels like you can sit back and just really appreciate everything he is doing at the House of Dior and enjoy each garment as a whole. Perhaps the very ideology behind Spring of appreciating the beauty of the little things that appear after the long winter period. I could talk about individual garments that featured on the runway or the modernity that surrounded old Dior silhouettes but with this stunning collection with it’s equally as beautiful soundtrack and setting; it is a collection to appreciate. See the rest of looks here or watch the full runway show here.

Photo's Courtesy of Christian Dior and Vogue US.
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