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Sally LaPointe Fall/Winter 2013-14


And so, New York Fashion Week begins. Give or take it actually started six days ago and may be coming to an end for another season tomorrow evening. Yet here we are, entering the Fall/Winter 2013-14 season  for us to feast our eyes on what we will wearing when Fall comes. And if I was born a woman, I know for certain I’d be making sure I got my hands on one of Sally LaPointe’s stunning pieces from her Fall/Winter 2013-14 season. LaPointe has entered into her sixth season of designing for her own label which seems to have caused a bit of a stir within the fashion industry and received major press attention. A designer who I’m not familiarised with and had rarely seen on websites before but with this recent collection, popping up all over the web; it didn’t take me long to fall in love with Sally’s creations. LaPointe found the right balance between elegant and the dreaded word I like to steer close from, ‘edgy’, creating a line-up of beautiful ready-to-wear garments that played with ideas of modesty but with exposure. Constructed in a shadowy palette with deep reds, LaPointe demonstrated a collection that was to be looked at carefully. “Read between the lines” may be a suitable phrase to use here as fine details hid amongst these striking garments that elevated this collection and took LaPointe to the next level. With black crocodile skin panels used against heavily embellished dresses with matte seed beads and sequins shaped into predator-like scales as if LaPointe wanted the modern woman to be elegant with a tough edge. I’ll now make sure I keep my eye out for Sally LaPointe! See the rest of the collection here

Photo's Courtesy of Style.com

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