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Topman Design Autumn/Winter 2014-15


With fashion week back in full swing, London Collections: Men took off to a flying start last Monday. For this I had planned to handpick a few looks from across the pool of designers that showcased their latest collections for the Autumn/Winter 2014-15 season that for me, were my favorite key looks and ones I'd would like to have hanging in my wardrobe more so, WISH to have hanging in my wardrobe. Yet with going through each individual collection, I found that their was far more and may I add, unexpected talent featuring on the runway. With this, I've gave myself a little less pressure to be picky with key outfits from the overall season and instead to show the collections that stood out for me. 

In the first few looks of Topman Design, it was clear to see a storm was brewing and of course, us British people didn't even batter a eyelid. With all the horrific rain and winds lately, it was as if Topman Design picked out some men on the street of London who had been caught in the rain and threw them down the runway. With references to 70s and Northern men stuck in jobs at dockyards and fisherman knits, the boys 
at Topman walked down in duffels with PVC panels, overpowering overcoats and knits paired baggy pleated wool pants and hard, chunky footwear. Perfect uniform at the dockyards if you fancied something quite different as you sure would be seen in baby blue or Chinese red that was dominant in this collection. Almost hot and cold, very much like the temperamental weather of Britain; not that we're expecting any hot weather lately. There was the usual suits that one needs, which the Topman man could pick from mostly skinny legged trousers paired with boxy silhouettes or long and lean. Me, however, I'd like to be seen sporting the fringed, little tartan jacket on a rainy day. At the end of the presentation, it began to pour down, Topman Design assuring us that next season we had rain to come; a lot of it. See the rest of the collection here.

Photo's Courtesy of Topman Design and Style.com
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