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Atelier Versace Couture Fall/Winter 2014-15


A case of sophistication was in the air at the Versace couture show as Miss Versace commented backstage; "I love the Fifties couture. For me, it was the most perfect in cut and construction." It may have not been completely nipped waists and flared poodle skirts but Versace demonstrated that sophistication through the refinement of techniques and construction. It was shown in the tailored fit of boned-waist jackets and fitted bodices creating perfect corseted silhouettes yet kept a sense of ease and exlcusion of restriction. Deconstruction and asymmetric cuts were key to this couture collection shown through cuts and slices into fabrics forming missing sections that shown bare skin creating a sulky sexy mood. With this there was simple but equally stunning falls of the fabric and if not that, great, deep folds wrapped round with buckles in place. Twists and pulls of simple t-shirts, embellished with crystals with rolled up sleeves in place adding the usual punk-glamour edge to this Versace collection. "I am Versace, I have to show it to the world." Donatella added backstage. See the rest of the looks here.

Photo's Courtesy of VWD.
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