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Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2014-15


I came across the Christian Dior campaign photographed by Barry Lategan in 1981 just a couple of days ago and have somehow become infatuated by this image. 'Heritage is Your Dior' is stated above the two sleeping models, a mum and daughter with bouncy curls tied in a pink bow. For a statement so bold, it felt so fitting for the recent presentation from Raf Simons for the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-15 season. Simons is one to look to the future, the undiscovered and mystical almost and to push society to reach out and grab it while wearing NASA style jumpsuits with applied traditional embroidery. While heritage may be your Dior; Dior is the future. Yet Simons looked back to the Marie Antoinette and the aristocratic French court of the 18th century but there was the 19th century Edwardian long coats involved too and the roaring 20s flapper dresses. This is a collection about history; iconic moments in fashion throughout history, brought forward by influences of the cutting-edge rock band, Sonic Youth and Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. There was no weighted past, burdening this collection; in fact a collection that had lightness surrounding it. Weightlessness; as if there was no gravity. See the full collection here.

Photos Courtesy of Dazeddigital.com and Style.com
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